Interested in designing a Home Gym?

Workout in your private gym without ever having to leave your home.

Basement with gym equipment and wooden floorAre you interested in converting your basement into your very own private gym?

If you like the idea of working out in the privacy of your own home and want to avoid the hassles and expense of going to the gym, a home gym in your basement can be the ideal solution!

J.A.M Building and Construction can provide you with a custom home gym design and installation. Whether you want to turn just a section of your basement into a gym or turn the entire space into your personal workout area, we can provide you with the perfect walls, flooring, and lighting for a comfortable and useful workout space.

Here are some key things to consider in the planning of your home gym:

Quality Flooring: You’ll want to choose a floor that’s comfortable to move around on, strong enough to support most any type of workout equipment, and strong enough so it won’t be damaged if and when something is dropped. A stable flooring is a very important consideration and should not be overlooked.

Full Lenth Mirrors: While this is optional, it’s often a common item in the design of any gym or workout area. Adding full wall mirrors is something many people find useful because it makes the room feel bigger, creates more light, and gives you the opportunity to check your technique as you go through your workout.

Sound System / Electronics: Adding a quality speaker system will allow you to play your favorite music during your workout, while a TV can be added in front of the treadmill. These are popular considerations when you design your space.

If you’re thinking of transforming your basement into a fabulous home gym and workout space, we can help plan out the best features to be considered.

All of our basement finishing products for your home and workout space are completely resistant to water and mold damage. This helps to ensure that your investment will be protected, no matter what happens.

Contact us today to request your free estimate. We’ll be happy to review your wants and wishes and also provide you with our additional suggestions and input so that your basement can turn into that perfect space for your daily workouts. Check out our Project Photo Gallery section.

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