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Add a Theater or Entertainment Room

Let J.A.M Building and Renovations help you transform the space in your basement that is going under-utilized and its maximize potential and create a beautiful theater or entertainment room. Your basement may be storing your clutter, cobwebs or worse. We will help you turn your basement into valuable living space by adding value and comfort to your home.

Our basement remodeling specialists can transform your entire basement or just a portion of it, so you’ll get the most out of the available space you have to work. Our basement remodelers can open up a dark and boring basement and brighten it up into a desirable living space. A beautifully built home theater or entertainment space will not only increase the value of your home but allow you to enjoy your home in ways you’ve only dreamt about.

We will work with you to help design your new basement living space (theater or entertainment area) so it works for you. We can enclose unsightly unfinished areas to give your basement a polished, finished home look that looks as good (or even better) as the upstairs of your home.  We can enclose ceiling pipes and electrical wires to create a well finished and luxurious space for you to enjoy.

Basement Lighting Installation

Choosing the correct and most efficient type of lighting is crucial to brightening up your basement in lieu of natural light that you may have available. It is often best to add adequate lighting on dimmer switches or in varying strengths.  Recessed lighting is also popular due to ceiling height restrictions in many lower levels in homes. Our remodelers are highly experienced and qualified to suggest the right lighting for your project that will fit within your remodeling budget and available space.

Basement Remodeling Cost Recovery

The benefits of improved and expanded living conditions in most home remodeling projects go far beyond simply the added value. While you will likely to recover most of the investment you make by way of the improvements you make to your basement, the enjoyment you’ll receive in return will be something that’s literally priceless.

Your Dream Theater or Entertainment Basement Upgrade

Let J.A.M Building and Renovations help you build and design your dream basement. The possibilities are only limited by what you can dream up. If you’re not sure of exactly what you want or what options are even available, let J.A.M help you design a custom basement that fits your family’s needs. We have extensive experience in adding popular basement additions to houses that include:

Do you have other ideas for you basement remodel?  Contact J.A.M Building and Remodeling to schedule a free consultation to make your basement dreams a reality.


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