Best Local Roofing Contractor in South Jersey

Roofing Service in South Jersey by JAM Building and Renovations

South Jersey’s Best Roofer Best Roof Replacement and Repair Prices Local South Jersey Roofing Contractor Storm Damage Restoration Experts Insurance Claim Specialists Financing Available. Get a Quote Today. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If your roof has been damaged due to a recent storm, the repair work, in most cases, can be covered up to 100% through your […]

Don’t Forget The Noise!

basement before the renovation

Do you work nights and sleep during the day?  Do you have pets (such as cats, dogs, etc.) that get upset or nervous when they hear a loud or unfamiliar noise? Do you, or anyone in your home, tend to get irritated by loud and excessive noise, such as repeated banging (of a hammer) or people […]

Replace, Don’t Re-shingle!

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You may find that some roofing contractors may suggest that you just add a new and additional layer of shingles on top of your existing roof, or just try to patch up a certain and small section. But in most cases, this should not be done. Okay … let me say it clearly. Unless there’s a very […]

Quality Roofing Materials

Roofing Service in South Jersey by JAM Building and Renovations

Be sure to ask your roofing contractor for a detailed list of all the materials that will be used. This should include the type as well as the brand of all materials. While most people tend to feel comfortable with traditional asphalt shingles, due to their lower cost, it turns out you get what you pay for. Not […]