Don’t Forget The Noise!

basement before the renovation

Do you work nights and sleep during the day?  Do you have pets (such as cats, dogs, etc.) that get upset or nervous when they hear a loud or unfamiliar noise? Do you, or anyone in your home, tend to get irritated by loud and excessive noise, such as repeated banging (of a hammer) or people talking loudly outside of your home?

Well, it’s important that you understand, that while your roof is being replaced, loud noises of people working and hammering, etc., is something that can’t be avoided. We, at J.A.M Building and Renovations, understand that keeping any possible noise down to a minimum is a very high priority, not only for you but also your family, but also for your neighbors. We completely understand the issue and try our best, at all times, to keep the noise level down to a minimum.  But it’s important to realize that, not matter what we can try to do, there will be noise and while your roof is being replaced, there will be quite a bit of noise as we walk around your roof, pull the old shingle off, and nail the new shingles down.

So, if you need to sleep during the day, if you have pets that may be upset at the new and excess noise, or if you and your family want to avoid listening to the repetitive hammering, etc., we highly recommend that on the day (or days) of your roof replacement, you should consider removing yourself and/or your pets to a different location (such as a friends house, to a park, to a hotel, etc.) while the work is being done. If you don’t have any pets or young children to worry about, you may be able to get by with the use of some good old fashioned earplugs. Plugging up your ears with a comfortable set of ear plugs can often do the trick and really help remove the noise. Some people go to a double feature movie, or simply watch TV at home while the roof is being replaced and they keep the volume up to drown out the sound of the hammering, etc. We recommend you consider watching a high action movie with lots of guns being shot off.

At J.A.M Building and Renovations, our goal is to provide you with the very best in roofing materials, the finest quality workmanship as well as our understanding and concern to try and keep the noise level down to the lowest level possible.  We take pride in making sure that your new roof not only beautifies your home, but will also give you and your home many years of protection from the sun and other external weather beating elements, and at a highly competitive price.

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