Need a Kids Play Area?

Your kids will love having their own space with all their toys and things. You'll love it too.

Remember when times were a bit simpler, especially when the summer came knocking on your door and we couldn’t wait to go outside? No kid wanted to stay indoors, even when the chilly winter or wet rainy days came around.. Your parents had to hunt you down at night and drag you back in as you were begging them to stay out just a little longer.

Well, times have changed, and it seems that kids today are all about the indoors, computers, online gaming and more.

Adapting to this recent trend, many parents have embraced the idea of their kids spending so much time indoors. Designing and dedicating quality spaces for our kids, especially with their friends, is now a very popular movement.

When you consider the designing and building of the perfect play areas for kids (teens and young adults alike), the following are important items to take into account:


Flooring is really one of the most important things when it comes to a quality play area, especially for kids and teens. Many parents want to use wall-to-wall carpeting in order to help prevent bruising in the event of falls. However, rather than wall-to-wall carpeting,  you may want to consider a similar yet different option. The use of individual squares of carpeting can also serve as a great option. It allows a lot of flexibility and uniqueness to your design of the space. You can create a pathway or roadway for toy cars, or build in a hopscotch design on the floor with easy-to-use carpet tiles and by selecting varying colors. One of the coolest thing about carpet tiles is, if something gets spilled on them and stains, you can easily replace the tiles that have been affected, and avoid having to replace the entire carpet in the room or even replacing a large section when only a small area was damaged.


Designing and building in storage is a major perk of having a play area in the basement. It’s fabulous how we can build custom storage and shelving for all the toys, craft supplies, snacks, water bottles, etc. You can also build in one or more activity corners (areas) in the room such as designating one corner to become a reading space for quiet time. Then, you can use some built-in shelving to organize all the books and make the shelving low so that the kids can easily pick out their favorite books. There are so many ideas and options. The best part is .. you’ll be able to literally design exactly what you need, what your kids want, and simply re-dedicate the spaces as the kids get older.


If you are able to use or put windows in the basement, then we suggest considering to do so. Basements are fabulous, but having little to no natural light coming in, can put a damper on the environment. Having a window in your play area will allow some beautiful natural light to enter. This helps to make a more happy and pleasurable environment.

If outdoor lighting is not really possible, then other lighting options can include things such as track lighting, recessed LED lights, traditional light fixtures, and lamps. As you can see, the options are nearly unlimited, and in the end, your basement play area will be very well-lit and bring lots of fun and joy to your home. A well-lit play area will go a long way to providing a safe and enjoyable play environment for your children.


Yes, it’s true, when you build and design the play area for your kids, adults can have their own space included as well! The purpose of finishing the basement to become a play area isn’t just so the kids can be left alone in a relatively safe place. Children always benefit by adult supervision, regardless of their play area. So don’t overlook at the designing of a space for the adults. This will make it actually enjoyable for you (and other adults) to relax, talk, have fun and watch the kids play, all at the same time. Consider placing a sofa in the room facing the kid’s area and you can supervise them while watching TV or maybe catching up on laundry. This is something that should not be overlooked.

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